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About the petition

  1. What is the problem?

    We are worried, that the computer game Gothic 3 to its release will be locked with copy protection measures, which are unreasonable for the buyers of the game. Especially we are worried, that the copy protection 'Starforce' will be used. Please read here what exactly the problem is.
  2. Who are you?

    We are fans of the computer game series Gothic. This petition was set up on request of both large fan communities, by name the Jowood-Board and World of Gothic. It was programmed and hosted by
    Here is our imprint.
  3. Are you 'software pirates'?

    Strongly NOT! But we turn against unreasonable copy protection measures on Gothic 3, because we as honest buyers don't want to suffer from people rather stealing than buying the game.
  4. To whom the petition is addressed?

    Everybody who agrees with our aims is welcome with pleasure to sign the petition.
    The receivers of this petition are the distributors of the computer game Gothic 3.
  5. Do you want to blackmail the producer?

    No case! This petition is just intended to help the persons responsible to make the right decision when choosing a copy protection technology. One thing is clear: Whatever the final decision will be, our web site will never make a boycott call against Gothic 3.
  6. Are you against copy locks in general?

    Producers of computer games should have the right to fight illegal copying of their products. That´s understood. But if they do so, the measures should not be a burden to the buyers of the game.

Take part in the petition

  1. How can I sign the petition?

    Please log on using this form . Then an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with which you can confirm your signature .
    The whole procedure is totally easy, takes only a few minutes and bears no costs or traps.
  2. What personal entries do I have to make?

    You have to write in your 'real' given name and surname as well as a valid e-mail address. Additionally you can make the following entries, if you wish:
    • Your nickname, which will be shown publicly on this site.
    • A further commentary which you want to pass to the receiver of the petition.
  3. What happens with my data?

    Remarks on data security

    This signature list will be transferred to the receiver of the petition at the end of this campaign. This happens to give our demands more importance .

    We assure, that your entries will not be used for other purposes and also will not be passed to anybody else.

    Neither your name nor your e-mail address will be made public. Only your voluntarily entered 'nickname' is shown on the web site. Aside from the first e-mail to confirm your signature we will not sent any further e-mails.

  4. Can I change my entries later on?

    This is no problem, just follow the link you received in your confirmation mail.
  5. Why is it so impotant to state my real name?

    This is important, because every person is only permitted to sign once. If you sign several times or with a false name, this petition looses its authenticity.
    For the same reason you are not permitted to shorten your name, only that way it is plausible to some extent, that you have signed with your real name.
    That is why we appeal to you to follow this rules. If you should have reservations to state your real name, please better neglect a subsribtion as to subscibe with a faked name. Such a subscribtion would rather do more harm than being usefull.
  6. Why do I have to state my correct e-mail address?

    After you have logged on you are about to get an e-mail. If you would have given a false e-mail address, this e-mail could not reach you, in that case you couldn´t confirm your signature and so your vote would not have been counted.
  7. Why do I have to wait for an e-mail to sign up?

    This procedure serves to check the authenticity of your stated e-mail-address and gives you the option to confirm your subscribtion again. Moreover does this e-mail contain a link to complete and correct your entries.

Regarding 'Starforce'

  1. Is it for certain that Starforce will be used with Gothic 3?

    No. But there are some clues indicating that. Jowood and Deep Silver, publishers of Gothic 3, have recently released "Spellforce 2" with Starforce. Neither has it been officially affirmed, that Starforce will be used in connection with Gothic 3, nor is there a definite hint that it will be abandoned.
  2. What is the bad thing about Starforce?

    Like any other copy protection system Starforce is being used with the aim to prevent illegal copying of software. To achieve that Starforce performs a lot of activities intruding deeply into the computer system. For example device drivers are being installed, streams of data are being monitored and computers are being scanned for suspicious programs. These procedures are inflicting risks for stability and performance upon PC´s and are often causing diverse problems too. In the past it has occured many times, that original game CD´s secured with Starforce could not have been reocognized or the game could not have been started until an intense troubleshooting took place or without support of the manufacturer, if it started at all.

    More information about how this copy protection system is working and what it could cause can be picked up here.

  3. Am I affected by Starforce beeing not a "software pirate" myself?

    All strategies for monitoring that Starforce is going to position are beeing installed onto the computer. This happens to every user of the game. That is why you are affected with Starforce´s risks and problems as well as soon as you are about to install a game software secured with that certain copy lock.
  4. Does Starforce protect against 'software piracy' at least?

    If there is a protection at all, it doesn´t work well. Copy protection systems could only delay the time a game software is being offered illegaly for download. For example the game Spellforce 2 - in fact secured with Starforce - could have been downloaded from the internet the day it was officially released - actually without copy protection system now. The Consequence: While the software pirate was enjoying the game without Starforce, the honest customer was suffering from problems caused by the copy lock.
  5. Is this Petition exclusively against Starforce?

    No. Starforce is only an outstanding example for a copy protection system, that has turned against the customer. At present time there is no method in existence avoiding permanently, that software is being copied. Nevertheless trying to acclompish that at all costs, even if honest cutomers are being affected, is the wrong way.
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August 08, 2006by Hamster
Petition ends at August 11
The deadline for signing the Petition Against Unacceptable Copy Protection Techniques on the Computer Game Gothic 3 is 08-11-2006.
May 24, 2006by Hamster
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